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Kiss In A Stockholm Night!

My trip to Sweden was during the month of August 2022.

When it was decided that I was going to record the album in Stockholm I was very happy, because I had never been to Sweden before and I really wanted to get to know it, not to mention the good reputation of Swedish musicians!

The beautiful city of Stockholm
The beautiful city of Stockholm.

The recording in Fredrik Folkare's studio was a real treat. We worked perfectly together for several days, and as we knew that the time we had was limited, we were really both very focused and the songs were finished in the blink of an eye!

The fact is that my stay in Stockholm was a turning point in terms of my perception of the project I had embarked on. When Bruce Mee, Khalil Turk and I decided to go ahead with the album project, I had only one concern, and that was that not knowing the musicians and the producer, it would be impersonal. In Stockholm I spent a few days with Fredrik, who recorded all my vocals in his studio and who would later mix all the tracks as well as being the guitarist and bassist on most of the songs. But I also spent a great time and exotic dinners with Bruce Mee (executive producer and originator of the album idea), Khalil Turk (artistic producer and master of ceremonies), Johan Kullberg (drums) and Michael Rosengren, author of the track I had the pleasure to sing on 'When He's Gone' for 'The Garden'-Circle of Friends.

With the wonderful Fredrick Folkare.
With the wonderful Fredrik Folkare.

All my fear about impersonality disappeared. It was such an amazing few days... and spending time with all of them gave me that connection that is so necessary for any artistic work that is done together with other people involved. What's more... now, in addition to music, we are bonded by friendship.

But also, the fact of recording in Stockholm has had a great influence on the imprint of the songs, on their essence. To start with, from a practical point of view, my voice, used to the dryness of Madrid in the middle of summer, was at full capacity with the humidity of the area...It made a big difference! But also, spiritually, everything that surrounds you has an influence...and we were surrounded by beauty. In the mornings I walked to the studio and recharged my batteries by looking around. And in the afternoons I would walk around Stockholm and there were so many wonderful things to look at, that I had, and still have, the impression that I needed to spend much more than ten days there. A city that doesn't look like a city. Areas that are actually islands, connected to each other by bridges. You cannot describe in words what Stockholm have to go and see it! But without a doubt the city is reflected in the album. If you add the fact that Tommy Denander, Fredrik Folkare and Johan Kullberg are all well as the co-writer of one of the songs, Fredrik Bergh, the album has a lot of Sweden in it!

And best of all for a liquorice addict...on almost every street corner there are amazing shops selling only every imaginable format! Ice cream, tea, absolutely everything...liquorice! My suitcase came back loaded!!!!

A liquorice Paradise
A liquorice Paradise

I don't know when yet...but I'm coming back.

Group photo
The Super Group: Michael Rosengren, Fredrik Folkare, Manu de Val (my son), Bruce Mee, Me, Khalil Turk

Love to you all,



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