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Kiss In A Dragon Night

I am so pleased to announce that my debut solo album is now available for purchase.

Featuring the talents of Robin McAuley, Mark Boals, Mick Devine, Terry Brock, Steve Overland, Lee Small, Fredrik Folkare, Steve Morris, Gary Pihl, Keith Atack, Tommy Denander, Eric Ragno, Steve Mann, Nick Foley, and Johan Kullberg.

Produced By Khalil Turk for Turkish Delight Productions. Mixed and Mastered by Fredrik Folkare. Executive Producer Bruce Mee


1. Take on the World

2. When Midnight Comes (with Mark Boals)

3. Moonlight Shadow

4. Kiss in a Dragon Night (with Robin McAuley)

5. Pay For the Lonely Nights

6. Fight For Love (with Mick Devine)

7. Candle in the Window

8. Stayin’ Alive (with Terry Brock)

9. Fuel to the Fire

10. Natural High (with Steve Overland)

11. Let’s Get Something Started

12. Hold On (with Mick Devine & Gary Pihl)

To purchase 'Kiss In A Dragon Night', please visit my shop.

I hope that you enjoy it.

Love to you all,



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