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Goldmine Mag Interview (web)

Many thanks to Warren Kurtz from the wonderful for the superb interview with Gabrielle.

Below is a section of the interview. Please visit their website to read the whole thing.

GM: Welcome to Goldmine. Congratulations on “When He’s Gone,” on last year’s Circle of Friends collection on Escape Music and now you are back with your solo album on the same label. I was so happy that you included “Moonlight Shadow,” which I didn’t learn from Mike Oldfield’s European hit but from a 2015 cover by Blackmore’s Night. You remind me a bit of Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue vocally and I like the echo on the word “Shadow.” What a nice job.

GABRIELLE DE VAL: Thank you very much. I love the version from Blackmore’s Night which is acoustic and melodic. With this new version, we tried to make it more of a strong rock song but keep the same melody and spirit. I don’t know if it was Khalil’s idea or Fredrik Folkare’s, who did the mixing and mastering, to include that echo but it is in the right place.

GM: I didn’t know Magnum’s “Stayin’ Alive,” but certainly know The Bee Gees song with the same title from that same late 1970s era. You are joined by Terry Brock on vocals on this new version, and I like the message of “choose your own path.”

GDV: It is a very important message from that old Magnum song which is still fitting for young people these days.

Gabrielle would like to thank Warren and Goldmine Mag for a great interview.


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