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Highway Star Rock Review (web)

Gabrielle's album 'Kiss In A Dragon Night' has received another superb review. This time from

The site is in Spanish, but an English translation can be found below:

It is the first solo album of the German-Spanish vocalist, GABRIELLE DE VAL also voices in her group THE VAL, which she presents by the hand of the British label ESCAPE MUSIC and the supporters who have believed in talent and have bet on her as BRUCE MEE of the British magazine FIREWORKS. This work which is a true international release of GABRIELLE DE VAL features production by KHALIK TURK and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. Counting on a series of collaborations in the form of duets between great singers and prestigious musicians of the European Hard Rock, Metal and A.O.R. scene in the different versions that appear on the album of both songs from the first album of THE VAL "BACK" and other compositions of MAGNUM, JAMES CHRISTIAN and even the youth hero of GABRIELLE DE VAL, the great MIKE OLDFIELD. The album opens with the powerful and melodious "TAKE ON THE WORLD" a melodic Hard Rock theme with that eighties A.O.R. in which the sweet voice of GABRIELLE DE VAL takes us into a beautiful and passionate song. One of the versions of the first album of THE VAL that comes on the CD is "WHEN THE MIDNIGHT COMES collaborating with a Heavy voice like that of MARC BOALS that will record with YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN. One of the successes of the album is the great version, more rock than the original of the MIKE OLDFIELD hit, with those Celtic melodies that this huge POP song of the wizard of Progressive Rock "MOONLIGHT SHADOW" has for the next one to record "TO FRANCE" and guaranteed success. Another of the songs of THE VAL that gives name and meaning to this album is "KISS IN A DRAGON NIGHT" a melodious half-time that has the participation of ROBIN McAULEY former singer of M.S.G. GRAND PRIX, in a version that has been quite faithful to the original. Another of the songs chosen from the repertoire of the first album of THE VAL is "PAY FOR THE LONELY NIGHTS" also having the spirit of the original song with some more power. One of the non-song songs of the band THE VAL is the animated and A.O.R singing by MICK DEVINE divinely "FIGHT FOR LOVE", an accessible track that does not damage the ears and is more than enjoyable. The song chosen as a single and for the first video clip is a hit "CANDLE IN THE WINDOW" catchy and wonderful theme that sounds bestially beautiful. Another of the duets contained in the album is with TERRY BROCK in "STAYIN'ALIVE" a song in ballad plan, half time of classic sound very BOSTON, Returns the powerful and heavy guitars with another song "FUEL THE FIRE" that also has that HARD ROCK sound that I like, although it contains somewhat modern keyboards and that catchy melody totally A.O.R. is another of my favourite songs on the album. And continues to send the classic HARD ROCK with the participation of an entire institution in British melodic Rock the great STEVE OVERLAND of FM in the powerful "NATURAL HIGH" as well as "LET'S GET SOMETHING STARTED" another good sample of Classic Rock sound. Closes the album with the latest version of THE VAL, the beautiful ballad "HOLD ON" with the participation of MICK DEVINE and GARY PHIL of BOSTON, closing a really good album, attractive of one of the best European singers and a great joy for those who believed from the beginning in the possibilities that this beautiful woman had to achieve other achievements crossing borders.

Gabrielle wishes to thank the website for their review.


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