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Live 'n' Loud In Madrid.



Music is something alive, something in permanent movement... and this is what a live concert means to me. That's why I needed to take the album to the stage. It was clear to me from the very first moment that I wanted to continue singing the songs on the album and not just record them. I want to give them a new life in each show. A song is different every time it is performed because we interpreters bring our mood and our vital moment to a song according to how we feel.... Besides, music is made to be shared. There is nothing like singing or playing for the audience, giving the best of yourself in a sincere and direct way.

Gaby and her band after the gig.

Once you know what you want to do, it seems that the stars align, life smiles at you and everything flows with amazing ease. In record time and thanks to the help of my friend Santi Fernández, I put together an exceptional band, both for the talent of its members and for their capacity for work and their attitude. The rehearsals could not have been more productive, fun and rewarding. The good vibes could be breathed in every moment and could also be heard. On the 15th of June, I was able to present the album with this line-up. It has been and will continue to be a luxury to share the stage with Gustavo Martín (guitar), José Luis Gallera (bass), Javier Gómez 'Cozy' (drums) and Gus Di Nobile (keyboards).

Sebas Castro joins Gaby on stage.

The venue chosen for the presentation was the Sala Boite Live, in the heart of Madrid. It was a very special night. José Luis Martín was in charge of organising the concert and he couldn't have done it better... The room was full, the audience supported me and showed their affection all the time, many well-known musicians were supporting me... for example José Carlos Molina (Ñu), Alex Morell (bass player of The Val) José Antonio Pereira (first drummer of my first band Yin-Yang) Leonor Marchesi, Francis Cervera (Los Brincos), Elia Monteoliva (Acuario), David Criado (first keyboard player of The Val and co-author of several of the songs played in the concert), the band Phase to Phase almost the whole band, Carlos León (drummer of Júpiter)...just to name a few of them. I am eternally grateful for the support of everyone who was there sharing the night with us.

If there is something that is appreciated from a stage is to feel complicity with the audience, and without a doubt, this has been the concert of complicity. I still have the smile on my face when I heard the whole room singing 'Moonlight Shadow' with us... it's an amazing feeling and it fills you with energy. And even though it's Mike Oldfield who is responsible for making sure that every living being knows the words to the song, I was equally impressed... But even more impressed to get to 'Hold On' and see that so many were singing along... I can't thank them enough for that! Throughout the whole concert there was a feedback between the stage and the audience,

Live On Stage

It was also a real treat to be introduced by the great Paco Madrid, who hosts and directs the radio show 'Así Suena el Rock' on Radio Enlace and also to have the powerful and captivating voice of Sebas Castro (Phase to Phase) singing with me 'When Midnight Comes' and a cover of 'Separate Ways', the iconic Journey song. Pure harmony and chemistry...and what a great time we had!

Thanks to everyone for being part of such a special night for, new and old friends, press...everyone!!!! I just can't wait for many more nights like this!


Sala Boite live (Madrid, 15th June 2023)


Natural High

Fuel To The Fire

When He's Gone

Kiss In A Dragon Night

Fight For Love

Pay (For The Lonely Nights)

When Midnight Comes

Think Like A Man

Hold On

Candle In The Window

Moonlight Shadow

Take On The World

Separate Ways

Let's Get Something Started


With thanks to Miguel Angel Príncipe and Ernesto Estébanez Boatas for the superb photography of the event.


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