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The Band .... LIVES!

I've created a monster - and you're going to love it!

Recording an album is something unique, almost sacred. You can't compare it to anything else. You know it's going to be part of your life forever and you enjoy every phase of it to the fullest. What you record is part of you and you are part of what you record, which makes it very intimate. But there comes a day when it's done, you have it...and so do others.... And that's when you feel the need to take it live so that it stops being something intimate and personal and becomes something you can share with the public face to face. And you start to think about how you're going to do it and even at times if you're going to do it... because it's not easy to bring an album like 'Kiss in a Dragon Night' to life on stage, with an extraordinary production by Khalil Turk and with musicians and vocalists who are not just prestigious, of course, but with a talent that surpasses all expectations.

The hard work starts now!

But then you present the album to the media and decide to play a couple of songs from the album acoustically as a surprise. And you call someone special. A guitarist you've known for a long time and with whom you've already shared music on more than one occasion... a musician whose guitar touches your soul and with whom you connect one hundred per cent on a personal level. You talk to him and you get a resounding yes, with a contagious joy and a drive that would move mountains. That guitarist is called Gustavo Martín. And as one thing leads to another, Gustavo has a friend with whom he was in a band and who turns out to be a perfect drummer for the project at all levels, so he calls him up. So he calls him and it's done! Javi Cozy joins! Then you tell a great friend who you always count on for everything and who knows all the musicians in the country, Santi Fernández... and he thinks of a great bass player... and so you get to José Luis Gallera, who not only plays the bass wonderfully but you find the extra gift that he sings very well... which, given that the album has a lot of voices, is a gift. And finally, you come to Gus di Nobile, the perfect keyboard player for what you want to do and who you have worked with before...with great moments in common, like playing gigs with Robert Tepper both in Spain and England...and he sings too!

The Band
L to R: Gustavo Martín (guitar), Javier Cozy (Drums), Me, Jose L. Gallera Partal (bass) and Gustavo Di Nobile (keys)

All the musicians in the band have a long musical career. It is impossible to name all the projects they have been in, but to mention some of the bands they have been part of, Gustavo Martín (guitar) has been in Legacy, Patente de Corso and Sinfonity, as well as recording his own solo music ("The Way of Dreams"). Cozy (drums) has been in bands like Hamlet, Ángeles del Infierno and still currently in Patente de Corso. José Luis Gallera (bass) has been with bands like Request, Proyecto Amadeus and Phase II Phase, which is still active. And Gus di Nobile (keyboards) has worked with Hevia, Rosendo, La Década Prodigiosa, Ana Torroja and Robert Tepper among many others.

I now have an amazing band to take "Kiss in a Dragon Night" live. The rehearsals sound great, the music is powerful and we can't wait to give it all on stage.

Love to you all,



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