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Tears Of The Dragon - Gabrielle de Val & Friends

By its very nature, ‘Tears of the Dragon’ is a companion piece to Gabrielle de Val’s debut solo album, ‘Kiss In a Dragon Night’. When we released the debut, not only did we leave off some fully recorded songs, but we had different versions of many of the songs that appeared.

For instance, full versions of the duet songs from the debut, with only the male vocals, including FM’s Steve Overland singing ‘Pay For the Lonely Nights’, the song from The Val that was originally meant to feature as a duet on ‘Kiss In a Dragon Night’, but due to a mix-up, didn’t.

We also have 2 excellent arrangements by Boston guitarist Gary Pihl. Not only a wonderful version of the debut’s title track with a beautiful vocal from Robin McAuley, but a totally changed up version of ‘Candle In the Window’, which is now a duet called ‘No Candle in the Window’! The original arrangement version of ‘Hold On’, with Gabrielle and Mick Devine duetting, is also here.

And to make the album a little more special, we are going to record two additional songs; while one will be a new original written by Gabrielle and Bruce Mee, the other will be a cover of the Rainbow song ‘Can’t Let You Go’, originally found on the ‘Bent Out of Shape' album.

The album is due for release later in 2023.


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