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The Story Behind The T-Shirt!

Recently Gabrielle was very honoured to receive A T-shirt from Ellas son Eléctricas. While this organisation is well known in her adopted Spain, some of her other fans may not understand the significance of what they are attempting to promote and why Gabrielle is so proud to wear it.

Ellas son Eléctricas believe that female artists are not as visible in Rock in Spain as they should be, especially those that recorded in the 1980s. Their aim is to change this via their social media channels and through a documentary they filmed in which Gabrielle appeared. They have also released an album of songs from the eighties, using a song by Yin-Yang, Gabrielle's original band.

Album Cover
Ellas Son Eléctricas Album Cover

When 'Kiss In A Dragon Night' was unveiled in Madrid recently, the guys from Ellas son Eléctricas turned up and presented her with the T-shirt, which now has a special place in Gabrielle's heart and wardrobe!

Gabrielle would like to thank the team at Ellas son Eléctricas for not only the t-shirt but all the work they have done trying to raise female artists' profiles in the world of Spanish Rock.


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